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Hard Wax

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Hard Wax and Strip Wax?

How does Hard Wax work?

Is Hard wax better than Strip Wax?

Hard Wax  is a peel off wax applied thickly on the skin and removed with your fingertips. It is used for waxing sensitive & delicate areas such as eyebrows, upper lip, facial waxing, underarms, bikini line & Brazilian waxing.

Strip Wax is applied thinly and removed with a waxing strip; this is great for larger areas of skin such as the legs, arms, back, chest and some facial waxing.

Hard wax (stripless wax) is applied warm directly to the skin with a spatula. The wax attaches itself only to the hair. This allows the wax to be removed from the skin with less discomfort. The low temperature also minimizes irritation. The warmth of the hard wax opens up pores and follicles to allow easier removal of the hair.

Hard wax is applied thicker than soft wax and is removed without strips. Unlike soft wax, hard wax does not stick to the skin, which makes it less irritating. Hard wax easily removes fine and coarse hair. Hard wax is great for face and sensitive body waxing.

I’m a first time waxer and I have a special event coming up. Should I wax right before my event?

What should I do to prepare for my wax service?

What should I do after my waxing service?

Is it normal to have irritation, bumps and swelling?

I have a crazy ingrown hair, what should I do?

We would suggest you plan ahead. Ideally, we would like to wax you once or twice before your event in case there is any major inflammation and swelling, irritation and ingrown hairs. Not saying that it will happen for sure, but we always want to be safe.

  1. Come in freshly showered.

  2. Take 2 advil unless your doctor has contraindicated this.

  3. Anecdotally, we’ve been told by clients that if they come in hungry waxing is more painful.

  4. Limit your caffeine. Caffeine makes your nervous system more sensitive.

  5. Do not go exercising immediately before or after your service.

  6. Exfoliate the areas we are waxing gently for a few days prior to your service.

  1. Stay away from hot tubs, oceans, pools and sweating. Your skin is wide open to bacteria for 24-48 hours. Also, abstaining from sex if you had your brazilian done is a good idea for at least 24 hours.

  2. Keep the area as clean as possible. Exfoliation is key to keeping ingrown hairs away. We will recommend products in office to help keep the area clean and help with ingrown hairs.

If it is your first time it is. The hair follicle has never been disturbed and the roots are deep, therefore pulling the hair from the root will make your skin not happy. The irritation will normally go away within 24 hours, in some cases it will last longer. Again, keeping the area clean will affect how long this will last. The first time is worst time, as your skin gets used to waxing it will become less severe to non-existent over time.

We have a product in office that we will recommend to help prevent ingrown hairs and and another to help if you do end up with an ingrown hair. Please try not to pick at it.

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